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Why Join a Social Site for Adults?

damitaI truly get sex dating. Really, I do. A lot of women are now embracing the whole idea of dating a complete stranger just to fuck him. A lot of women have now reached a high level of sexual maturity that this is no longer a problem, and they realize that this is a gateway for emotional fulfilment and emotional growth. If anything, it’s a great way to relieve a lot of depression, low feelings of self-worth, and low self-esteem by refusing to deny your sexuality. I get all that.

The problem is people are more than just sexual organs. We have emotional needs too. We need to bond, to be social, to feel that we care for others, and we would like to feel that others care for us. In other words, we’re looking for community. We’re looking for meaning that goes beyond and transcends ourselves.

It’s very easy to miss this when you’re a member of purely sexual dating sites. With such sites, it’s all about fucking. All the conversations are focused on whether your dick is going to her hole. It’s all about sex.

There’s something missing when the whole focus is just on physicality. This is why it’s very easy to understand a new growing trend in adult dating. The new focus now for many people looking for sexual or adult dating is to find social sites for adults. This is a social networking website where people can engage in community and engage with other people with the same interest, but sex is always a possibility.

In a way, it’s like being a cast member of the dead, popular sitcom from the 90s, “Friends.” You crack jokes and have a good time with each other but at the back of your mind, the hot chick who’s laughing at your jokes and you set group activities with can end the night sucking your dick and taking your cock. Or if you’re a female, it could be that very funny charismatic guy spewing his load all over your face at the end of the night. A lot of people like mixing socializing with sex.

This is a healthy mix. You don’t want to just strip out one aspect of your personhood and just focus on that. That’s no fun. So a huge dose of a friendly environment with healthy servings of sex does a body good.

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